Page 2: Updates of a future project: 112 1/2
one bedroom/studio apartment
Well, we spent good amount of time cleaning up the place, give fresh paints during Columbus
day weekend. And look what we got. A beautiful porch is restored! Look at a view! You can
spot racoons and deers in the wild right from your window/porch in Collegetown, Ithaca,
NY? This is the area where wild nature intersects with the sprawling City, so wild life come
to run away from the city by climing up the hill, that's where we are.
It is getting clean! What you see above is the
furnace duct for upper apartments. Remember
we are now in the basement unit.
You see the leaves are turning
yellow/red, so the most spectacular
view of the year is in front of you.
Our daughter likes to come to Ferris Place, because she can spot wild life around here. Lots
of sqirrels, chipmunks, and if you live here, you can spot wild deers, racoons, firefly, rabbits
and many different kind of birds etc. You do not see human or moving cars from this porch.
You hear the sound of fresh water from Six Mile Creek. And we are talking about a
location only 10 minutes WALK to Cornell.
Renovatio of 112 1/2 One-bedroom/Studio Unit Project requires the following;
Bathroom: new toilet, new faucet, new paints, new floors, new shower. (the bathtub is very solid)
Kitchen: new cooking oven, new refregirator, new cabinet/drawer, new floor, repair of wall
Bedroom: new floor, new lights
Entry room: new floor, new lights, new paints and repairs on the walls, new doorkey
General: the unit requires new heating system
But the good news is that basic structure is fairly sound, and the porch is already in beautiful shape.
We asked the opinions of professionals, and they all agree this can be very good living quarter.  We
did not start renovation of this unit as we ran out of time/fund this summer to improve the rest.
If you are interested in this unit (Good news: when you walk in, you will find most of everything
new!), we can do it for you. Currently it is one-bedroom unit, though it can be a studio unit.
This is a quiet, secret place in the middle of City of Ithaca, easy walk to Cornell, you can make your
visitor very impressed.
Non-smokers only! Graduate Student/faculty preferred.

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