112 Ferris Place Interior Apt 1st Fl.
NEW: Currently, 112 is under major clean-up and renovation. They will
be ready for the academic year of 2003! (Each room is equipped with
ceiling fan/lights, in addition to basic furniture. Utilities included
-->Let's start from Apt 1-1. (brand new carpet installed on 7/17/2003!)
This is how Apt 1-1 looks after some cleanup and new curtains.
Rooms have high ceilings and has new ceiling fans with lights.
It comes with basic furniture, including a single bed, table, chair, desk light closet or drawer
This room (Apt1-1) has four large windows, and very bright.
Exterior of 112
Entrance has
been updated. It
actually has gold
"112" sign and
a brand new
This is the view of the Apt1-2 with brand
new carpet installed on 7/17/2003.
Carpetman told us the dimension of the
room is larger than what we say in the
Here, we have excellent teams of
contractor working hard to
renovate 112 Ferris (taken July
25, 2003)
NEW! Floor Plans of Ferris Place
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This is how the bathroom looks like as of
July 27, 2003. It is changing day by day to
complete by July 31, 2003! (I will uplorad
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New: Restored Hardwood Entrace
2nd Floor photos of 112 Ferris
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