Here is the preview of future project:
112 1/2 Ferris 1-Bedroom/Studio Apartment!
Would-be-kitchen space. Currently,
disaster area.....(just dusty)
This will be bedroom or studio
This is the currently storage room. Look at
gorgeous view! Own porch too!
Bathtub is indeed not bad shape,
only need deep cleaning.
This is the hidden secret! Basement studio has a spectacular view of deep forest and the Six-Mile
Creek gorge, exclusive for you! You hear the gorge, and it is a wonderful place to read, have a
Please do not quote us yet for possible rent, as we do not know how much efforts are required to put this
potential beauty unit back to life. Upon completion, we hope to offer this studio with rather affordable
price such as
$650~700/month on 12 month lease basis (utility not included) depending on extent of
renovation work.  This is the former owner's living quarter for her daughter. It is very quiet, and it has its
own entrance, own porch, bathroom, kitchen and currently 2 rooms, making this as
One-bedroom unit. 2
rooms can be combined to make one larger room to be
a Studio Unit. We will listen to you if you are
It will have an instant access to super-fast Internet Connection (we already have one).

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Ferris (you sen see it after cleaning)