Interior of 114 Ferris Place
*It has 6 bedrooms, sharing a kitchen and a bathroom. *All the rooms have
basic furniture (single bed, table, chair) *All rooms have high ceiling, which
is a beauty of an old house. *Good views at corner rooms.
discouraged, but can be allowed.
*Tenancy: Mix of local professionals and
students (co-ed).
*All utilities included (electricity, heating, hot water, water)!
Good News-->Rent for Apt 1-2, 1-3, 2-2, 2-3 discounted to $425 for 2004-5
(only because I cannot remodel 114 Ferris this summer. They are in decent shape as you see
Brand New Washer & Dryer in your Basement! (08/2004)
(Not many apartments in Collegetown have this feature. You
appreciate this greatly in winter.
Rent & Availability:
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Apt 1-1 Bright with many windows
Freshly painted and detailed entrance of 114 Ferris Place
(left side of the duplex)
You can see external view of Apt 1-1 with 4 large windows!
(Totally cleaned on 7/31/2003)
Apt 1-2
Apt 1-2 is facing
south, with lots
of lights coming
from large
window (it is not
easy to take
photo). It has
built-in dresser,
and basic
furniture will
come free with
the room rent.
Apt 1-3 (Rented up to March 2005) Very Bright
apartment with spectacular view of the forest and gorge.
Another view of the kitchen
Very large kitchen.You can go to porch through the door. The
porch will be opend up soon so that you can enjoy spectacular
views of deep forest & natural gorge.
2nd Floors of the 114 Ferris Place
(bathroom is on the 2nd floor!)
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