1 How far is it to Cornell University?

We actually WALKED from the apartment to
different locations at Cornell to give you corrent
information!  Here's the results....

Law School-->10 minutes WALK
Engineering-->10 minutes WALK
Business School -->11 minutes WALK
Hotel School-->12 minutes WALK
Economics, Psychology (Uris)-->13 minutes WALK
Industrial & Labor Relations-->14 minutes WALK
Clock Tower, Uris Library-->13 minutes WALK
Govt, Linguistics-->15 minutes WALK
AEM, PS, Mann Library-->17 minutes WALK
City and Regional Planning-->17 minutesWALK
(Cornell campus is huge!)
You can visit most of them by bus, and bus stop is
less than 1 minutes from the apartment.

2. How far is it to Ithaca College?
(updated July 15th, 2003)
YES, I walked the path to Ithaca College, and found
out it took me
21 minutes door-to-door going up,
17-18 minutes coming back! The Route:

3 How far is the nearest Restaurants?

We actually WALKED (during summer day!)
Greek restaurant-->5 minutes
Korean, Japanese, pizza, beer pub-->6 minutes
Rental Video, cafe, Chinese,Vietnamese, Thai-->7 m.
Small supermarket "TOPS"-->8 minutes
Many restaurants, banks, cafe, bars-->7~9 minutes
Churches-->8~12 minutes

4 How can we go to Ithaca Airport,
Bus terminal, Pyramid Mall (major
shopping center), K-mart, Staples,
Ithaca College?

I have a good news!  The apartment is 1 minutes (100
yards, 100 meter) away from the bus stop.  You can
catch direct bus to airports, Dryden, Cornell, Ithaca
College and the Ithaca Oommons. From there you can
catch bus to all those major locations. This is
probably the most convenient part of Ithaca where
you do not feel the need for cars.
(East State st (NY79) is a major bus route in Ithaca!)

5 When parents, relative or friends
visit me, can they find parking around?

Currently, the house does not have parking. But as
the web page shows, Ferris street has decent numbers
of free parking spaces, though there are competitons
for spaces.  Strrets nearby also allows free parking.

6 But you have huge backyard?

Yes, but it is sloped, and we need major construction
work to utilize it.  Until then, enjoy the firefly who
lives in our forest. When we have petty cash, we
rather spend them to clean up inside of the house.

7. Where is the nature?

Well, you come to the house, and walk to the
backyard. That is a serious steep bank slping down to
the Six-Mile Creek, which is a watersource for Ithaca.
The Columbia Bridge (open for pedestrians and
bikers only: no cars) is less than 1 minutes away.
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View of the Six-Mile Creek from the Columbia
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Now you know why this small, no-through
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