114 1/2 Ferris Place
Studio Apartment
Compare Before vs After!
7/27/03 New carpet and
lighting system installed! It
feels and smells different.
<--(Before)Look at how
beautifil the tenant can
set up the same space,
after our intensive
(Below: after)
Bathroom sink, toilet, and the
shower is on your right. (to be
totally renovated soon)
Furniture (table, chairs, TV stand, TV) comes with the
unit for your free usage. Generous deal. We love the
current tenant who keep the place very clean.
We opened up the covered porch (7/19/03). Wow, You smell forest and hear the Six-Mile
Gorge, while you enjoy sunset all in this private spot (porch) Nobody expects this
spectacular view from a basement studio, 10 minutes WALK from Cornell campus! We
liked the refresing air of forest, and we will leave it open for your secret relaxation!
Renovated Kitchen and the bathroom
space. It was totally renovated during
summer 2003, and the current tenant
keeps it very neat and clean.
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114 Ferris inside page
This is a view from your entrance to the Ferris
Place. Beautiful neighborhood (I hope I will try to
contribute to it)
112 Ferris inside page

Welcome! This is our studio apartment. It is about 400sqft, plus covered
porch overlooking the Six Mile Creek gorge. You have your own entrance,
kitchen, bathroom, totally independent from the main structure of 112-114
Ferris Apartment.
(Extensive renovation completed summer 2003)
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Entrance to Studio (New paint
on 7/19/03)