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Hi, here is the walk from our apartment to Ithaca College.
It is a beautiful walk, as you can see below.
Let's start from the house. Walk South toward the bridge over the Six Mile Gorge. From the
apartment, the end of the "Ferris Place"(you see yellow fence)  is less than 1 minute walk
Here is the "Dead End" of the Ferris Place.
Wait, it is not a dead end, but you have a
spectacular bridge for walkers/bikers.
Wow, this is what you
see in one minute'
walk from our house!
You see parking
tower and downtown
building before the
West Hill.
If you commute to
Ithaca College on foot,
you see this twice a
day everyday!
Some more walk up the neat street...
Oh, look what I found on the way. I never
find this while I drive through main road.
It took about 16 minutes up to this
point. Some may say "it is 16
minutes!" but I have to check how
far the classrooms are....Let's go
WOW! When I looked back at the "Ithaca
College" sign, look what I saw...!
[Cayuga Lake and downtown Ithaca]
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