Virtual Walk from the 112-114 Ferris Place to
Cornell Campus! (page 1 of 2)

As some of the web-viewers were kind enough to ask us questions, we felt the need to show you how it
looks to walk between the apartment to Cornell. It took 10 minutes to the Law School for us to WALK.
Photos are taken on the way back to apartment. We hope this is more helpful than any of our
explanations...Thank you!

Your Apartment on Ferris Place

Photos taken and uploaded on July 9th, 2003

Let's start from the
apartment. Close
the door, please.

Neighbourhood on
Ferris Place. Matured
neighborhood with
professors and
graduate students.
(By the way, this
street is considered
as one of the best
local jogging route)

This is the major
bus route NY79,
aka E. State
Street. A bus stop
is in the same
block, and it is a
matter of 2-3
minutes by bus to
go to Cornell

Please be careful to cross the State Street.
(Wait for traffic light to stop the flow of cars)

This is Quarry Street, our
favorite quiet street. You can
take various routes to go to
Cornell. This is one of them.

Wow, we find a short cut, a green tunnel from
Quarry to Eddy St.. It is lighted well at night.

All right, this is Eddy Street. Lots of parking
spaces around. Trees make it cool in summer.

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